The Swastika and what it really stands for.

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There is a difference between the inverted Swastika (Nazi) and the Swastika. The Swastika was a symbol of Good Luck, peace, prosperity and in some geographical areas fertility. But since World War 2 all Swastika’s are concidered hate or racist symbols. Primarily Anti-Semetic. Just like in the south. When I say south I mean the real south. Georgia, Alabama, Tenesee, Kentucky, and Virginia, but not west. Later in the Confederacy Florida, Louisiana, and Texas were counted. I am sure I am missing a few states but I do not care about the semantics of this example. But in the south displaying the Confederate Flag is also concidered a racist act. I will address this in my next post however. But the Swastika is truely not a hateful symbol.

An Example of a non Nazi Swastika

Of course World War 2 has brought about a non tolerance policy for all paraphenalia that has this symbol on it. Even…

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